Building Trust & Confidence – Gaining Insight

Feel free to share your thoughts with us – no matter whether these concentrate on application problems, need for optimisation, or new plants and facilities. Rest assured that we listen carefully!

Face-to-face interviews and knowledge exchange between our experts help us to become acquainted with each other, our ways of thinking, methods of operation. Thus building up trust and confidence creates a common platform facilitating our cooperation. And, our reference projects may directly give you an idea.

Running up to huge investments or when developing new technologies, we use to carry out feasibility studies. This is followed by pre-engineering investigating into the technical practicability. All this happens to take place in close coordination with the resp. departments of our customers.

This is our way to tax both, operating and investment costs credibly!

Service Offer

  • Project Definition
  • Basic Evaluation
    • Material Data
    • Process Parameter
    • Local Specifications
    • Emission Limits
  • Design & Layout Concepts
  • Evaluation of Operating and Investment Costs