Innovation – Strong Key to Success

We demand a great deal of skills – first of all, of ourselves. This is the only way to keep on coming up with our customers´ requirements. We continue developing our technologies to always reach this aim. Maintaining one-upmanship enables us to relay technological progress to our customers. This is how Küttner spells success!
Cooperating with research centers of high reputation, our experts open up sophisticated process solutions for new applications. Küttner´s technical center provides the adequate environment for such innovative and future-oriented research.

Some examples of current activities under investigation:

  • Oxide-bearing residuals serving as charge material for shaft furnaces, assessment after reduction test on microsection.
  • Enhancement of Oxycoal technology: pulverised coal and oxygen are concurrently injected into the raceway of the blast furnace via coaxial lances. Thus, it is possible to further increase the injection rate simultaneously reducing the coke amount to be charged. Below the line, blast furnace operation gains in profitability.
  • Optimisation of flow velocity and directions as well as pressure losses aiming at the economical dimensioning of large tubings for emission capturing.

This is how we use to contribute to technological progress, to sustainability, to increasing efficiency, and to reducing the carbon footprint!